This site will issue you with an SSL/TLS Key, Certificate & TLSA record required to secure an SSL service using DANE

You will be sent a ZIP that contains two files.

  • A PEM file that contains the Key & Certificate which you give to your SSL/TLS service (e.g HTTPS Server)
  • A text file that contains a TLSA DNS record you need to put in the DNSSEC signed zone file for your server.

    A full explanation of DANE is outside the scope of this site.


    You can get the core generator script here.
    Downloading & running the script yourself, on your own equipment, is more secure than downloading
    my server generated keys, but you can use this site as a way to get you started, fast & easy.


  • Get a DANE Certificate Set
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    Organization Name : 
    Organizational Unit Name : 
    State, Province or County : 
    Location, City or Office : 
    Country : 
    Expiry Time :